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Meet Brianna

Brianna Chatese is born and raised in North Minneapolis, MN. She is a former professional athlete, double graduated of Providence College, current Project Manager, entrepreneur, Host and owner of LOV3 IT S3ASONING.

Brianna Chatese has always envisioned herself being someone who creates change one person at a time. From a very young age she has been an entrepreneur, from selling cookies or candy at church or raising money for her pageants or sports team. She created BCI LLC at the age of 28 and uses each business to provide education to diverse groups.

About LOV3 IT


  • Jessica Winnie

    Made a whole turkey and coated with the LOV3 IT S3ASONING mild. It was delicious. Also enjoy the hot on popcorn. Great taste and affordable

  • Rachael Bell

    I love these seasonings! We use Spicy a lot, it's great on chicken and pork. That one will always be my favorite, but lemon garlic is amazing too. I recommend buying like two of every flavor, they are so good.

  • Column

    LOV3 IT S3ASONING is healthy and flavorful! I put it on everything including meat and vegetables! I love the variety of spice level! Highly recommend!

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